Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mystery Monday @ Myra's

It is still Monday...(somewhere in the world) so I am not officially late with this post. I have had a few glitches, trying to get this together, and I may have to add the polish to it in the morning, but at least it will give you the bones of the project.
Is everyone caught up on their homework? I hope so, because today I want to show you the final layout, the borders, and a picture of my finished project.

I am having problems up-loading some of my images, so unfortunately I can only post two graphics. If you have all of your blocks together, lay them out in the following five horizontal rows...and then join the rows together.

Each of the block will have a finished size of 4 1/2", and you will have 5 rows, with 5 blocks in each row.

Adding the borders. Sew your half square triangles of your border print, to the half square triangles of your accent fabric. Sew a half square block to each end of a long border strip, and add to each side of the center blocks. (note on the direction the half squares should be facing) Do the same for the top and bottom borders strips, however you will need to add a 2" x 2" square to each end as well.

And now...layer, quilt, and bind! (and then wrap it up, and put it under the Christmas tree for someone special.)

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