Wednesday, December 02, 2009

So we got a phone call...

Where have we been hiding? Deep under piles of fresh snow, stitching up the most amazing projects! I am waiting to share all of them with you...but a few people on my gift list tend to read this you will have to wait until after Christmas to see the most spectacular gifts. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

If you could see what Cori and I are cooking up for you in the new year, you would be wishing it was New Years Eve...but that too will have to wait.

We did have one REALLY hard job this week. We had to finalize our spring calendar, which ment we had to pick between two events that conflicted with each other. Would we go to New York, or Minneapolis? And then the phone rang, and a third option got thrown into the mix. The phone call informed us that we were receiving an invitation in the mail for a very special event. Now what do we do??!! We struggled back and forth, and in the end, we decided that we would be crazy not to accept the invitation that was being sent to us. As soon as it arrives, you will see it posted here.

Until then, stay warm and cozy under a quilt.

See you again soon.

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