Friday, December 04, 2009

So Myra mentioned that we had received an exciting phone call this week. Well this is what arrived in the mail for us yesterday! And yes, it is related to the phone call and no, it's not an invitation to a cooking party either!! I will show you what was in side later on.

The other surprise we got this week was SNOW and lot's of it. So it looks like it will be a white Christmas after all. It is very strange for Southern Manitoba not to have had snow by November.

The third surprise is I forgot to blog about our latest photo shoot. This quilt has been finished for quite sometime now but we have been in talks as to what to do about it. It looks like the pattern will be released this spring. Astoria is unique and definitely different, therefore makes pattern writing and photography a challenge. This picture is taken in a small town called Rosenfeld (were my husband grew up) at their Lutheran Church. The other cool thing about this quilt is if you just do the center area, it is the perfect size for a baby quilt...neat hey?

I hope you have a great weekend, and remember to come back soon to see what's inside those envelopes!


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mrspesti said...

LOVE>>> the new quilt pattern!!! FABULOUS!!!!! cant wait to hear about the phone call... sure its about what you ladies have been "whippin up" take care

ka said...

Gorgeous quilt!

As for the snow, I'm over it. Even Scarlett isn't impressed. She fell over in her massive snowsuit and was trying to figure out how to get up without getting her hands "dirty" in the snow. Our morning of fun adventure didn't last long... :)

What Comes Next? said...

interesting invitations! Love the new quilt - its so graphic and clean looking. The centre would make a great baby quilt, with the black-white contrast. Stunning!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Such a tease! Very curious about that phone call!

Love the quilt...very modern!


Gloria said...

Love this quilt! I love all your quilts, actually! So fresh and modern and big pieces! Keep up the good work!