Monday, December 21, 2009

Quilts for all!
Well I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas break, it officially started here today! It is also the first day on winter today and here in Manitoba it is a beautiful winter day. I am ready for Christmas and looking forward to the kids having lots to do (no more bored em aloud after Christmas!!)

I just wanted to share this picture of our dog max. Even country dogs need quilts! This was one of my first projects. It has been an outside "blanket" for awhile already. It was coming apart at the seams (poor workmanship I guess !) So when the weather turned cold I gave it to max. He loves it - a little too much, now there is a big hole in the center of it. BUT, I often find him carrying it around the yard or he will be lying on it on the porch. He is so cute...when he is listening!

enjoy the winter day,

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Ginny Worden said...

Max, certainly has good taste. Our dogs have usually gotten one of my early attempts at quilting,(ones I would be embarrassed to show) for their use.Lucky puppies, if you ask me.

What Comes Next? said...

Max is a very handsome dog! Glad he loves his quilt.

Vals Quilting said...

What a cutie...he loves his blankie and you can tell. I've always like a German Shepard - beautiful colourings.
I do like the colours in your quilt - nice job for the first one!!