Wednesday, September 24, 2008

About last weekend....

Is it really Thursday night already?? I guess it is, because I am re-packing my bags for this this weekend. And then I realized that I haven't even filled you in on our last weekend. I know that I won't remember to mention all of the great stories, but here is a brief overview of our time away.

Last Friday, we drove 6 hours east, into Northern Ontario. We went up to see an old friend who has a quilt shop in Sioux Lookout. It's called Serenity Quilts, and when you are there, you might experience the same conflict I did. I was torn between going into the shop and being surrounded by fabric, or going down to the lake that is right beside it.

I took a small detour to the lake. What a great view! I hope all of the locals still appreciate this beautiful sight that they get to see every day.

Hazel has a lot of great quilters in her area, and we got to spend three days with them. Our first night we got to share a lot of our quilts with them when we gave a trunk show presentation. During the next two days, we helped to lead them through two different projects. Many of the students chose to do our Love Joy Peace sampler (which was Day 1 of our 100 Days.) Cori has just finished formatting the sampler into a real pattern, and it will be released to our distributors very shortly. The other students in the class chose to make our curved patch baby quilt. And somewhere along the way, the curved piecing was mistakenly called 'cursed piecing'. But everyone persevered, and by the end of the weekend, there were many great quilts taking shape. It is always interesting to see the same project, done by so many different women, who all choose their own colors, and add there own touches.
And here was the first clue that we were going to have a great time. When we checked into our hotel, Kathy sneaked up behind us, and surprised us. If you want to have a great quilting weekend, simply gather a bunch of quilters together in a room, and invite Kathy. By the end of the weekend you will have enough stories to keep you laughing through the longest Canadian winter.

Thank you Hazel for the great time. We came away inspired, energized, and well feed. (Thank your grand-daughter for the recipes. My kids loved the breakfast I made them, with a dish that we now call 'Danica's French Toast'.)

So, we are off again, with more to share with you soon.
Next stop - Regina, Saskatchewan.


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