Friday, August 17, 2007

More news!

For the quilt related news...check out Quiltmaker. We designed this quilt for RJR fabrics So You sew fun too! collection. This design lends itself to all the beautiful, big and bold prints that are so popular. So don't be scared to buy them, they aren't as hard to use as you think -

just keep the quilt design simple.
Now for the personal news. As you can see this kids are doing okay. This picture was taken last saturday at our local Harvest Festival parade. The kids are adjusting well to their casts and Kierra to her crutches. But when I said I needed a "break" this was not what I had in mind!! :) Thanks for all of the well wishes either on the blog or via my personal email, greatly appreciated. Here's to better luck and a great fall!


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atet said...

What a fun quilt -- I love those big prints and bold colors and have been looking for ways to use them! Thanks for the ideas!

Glad to hear the kids are adjusting (and sorry to hear about Cori's awful weekend -- ouch!). Hang in there -- on the bright side, there is always fabric to play with!