Monday, August 20, 2007

Cruising to Alaska!

We're going to Alaska!!! Do you want to come too? We got a very exciting phone call a few weeks ago, inviting us to teach aboard a cruise ship that travels along the coast to Alaska. What an amazing invitation. We still had a lot of questions, and details to figure out, so we didn't talk about this great opportunity too much, but now that everything is in line...we want everyone to know.

The above photo is the ship 'Serenade of the Seas' and it will be the cruise liner that we will be teaching on. There is more information about the date, the schedule, and the ship under our 'events' page. We have met a wonderful lady named Wendy Smith, who has experience organizing these quilting/cruising events, and she will be taking care of all of the details for our trip as well. Her name and information is also found on the 'events' page, so please feel free to contact her with any additional questions that you may have. We won't be leaving port until next August, but all of the spots to be part of the class will probably be filled by December.

Getting out to new places, and meeting other quilters is the best part of what we do. This last week, Cori and I had a few days of being bogged down by many small tasks, and bookwork, and when we needed a boost, we would just start talking about our upcoming retreat. We are almost to the point where we will start counting down the days. I keep reading over the list of women who are coming, and I can hardly wait to see them again...and to meet the new names who made it in this year.

So, we will be seeing many of you soon! Take care until then.


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