Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!!

I am sure that I use this picture every Canada Day, but I just haven't made anything new with the Canadian flag on it for a long time. Maybe that should be one of my new challenges this summer.

So I don't know where we will end up today, but I am sure that it will involve kids, ice cream, water, games, and fireworks. Let me know where you spent your day, but where ever you are, take a quick minute to appreciate being Canadian. We live in a country where we have free medical care, freedom of religion, vast beautiful wilderness, and beer.

What a great country, EH.

See you soon.
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ka said...

I spent mine enjoying some quality time with the couch. I haven't been that sick in so long. Annoying, too, because there was lots of stuff going on in town that I would have liked to take Scarlett to! Oh well.

Today I feel as though I may live. Or at least, may WANT to live. Talk about a big improvement! :)

What Comes Next? said...

We enjoyed a Canada Day BBQ in Queen's Park - it felt like the whole city was there having fun, listening to the music, or playing in the water park! Beautiful day!