Monday, July 27, 2009

Where oh where?
has all the time gone? Summer is just slipping away so fast. It sure hasn't been Hot in Southern Manitoba, but at least the sun shines. It is so hard to be inside when it's finally nice out but work still goes on.

Over these next few weeks I will share you you some of our newest projects and there are many!

The 2 quilts in the picture are for a pattern we developed for Robert Kaufman Fabrics called Heartstrings. It features a new collection of fabrics, chick-a-dee and chick-a do by SEI. For those of you who are scrapbookers you will notice the name! You can see the quilting very clearly in the photo, but in the boys quilt there are "strings" of stars and in the girls quilt there are "strings" of hearts.
The pattern will be available by August 15th in our shop.

I hope your summer is going well.

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