Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer time socializing

The kids officially finished their last day of school today...it's bright and sunny ...and I am happy to declare the summer has finally come to southern Manitoba.

As the kids are busy doing their chores (can't let them get lazy over summer!) I am grabbing these few minutes, to sit down, and talk to my old friends. It has been a very long time since I have had a chance to catch up with all of you.

Out here, our spring was cold, wet, and windy. It was a little depressing at times, but we could hardly notice the weather outside, because Cori and I were busy with our noses buried in fabric. We do hope that you enjoy the quilts we design, because in the next few months, you won't be able to pass a news stand of quilt magazines, with out seeing our names all over them. We are itching to let you see these projects, and it is hard to keep the great photographs of them a secret, but the minute we can let any cats out of the bag, we will. Plus, Cori and I have come up with a unique way of giving you hints, without breaking the rules...so keep watching.

What else has been happening around here? Well, my house is once again a shipping depot of boxes. We send out quilt tops to the quilters, we ship off finished quilts to the editors, and we are receiving boxes of fabric from companies, who let us explore their new lines, and let us play with the fabrics in fun new ways. We received a wonderful parcel from Robert Kaufman yesterday, and our drawing board is full of possibilities. Of course, we will show you all of those as they develop.

Well, it sounds like the lawn mower has stopped, and the sprinkler has started. I guess the kids are done their chores, so I have to run, and see what adventure they have created.

But stop by again soon, we will have lots to chat about this summer.

See you soon.

PS - To Annette, I would LOVE to visit NC or VA! I lived in PA, and I fell in love with the lush beauty of the east coast.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Cori and Myra, thanks for the tease! Can't wait to see what you two have come up with. Receiving boxes of fabric from Robert Kaufman sounds like so much fun! The possibilities something like that hold are just endless!

Enjoy the summer,

Jean said...

Hope that your going to enjoy the Summer too... Not too Much Work!
Can't wait to see what your up too!