Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Inspiration

We got this photo from one of our friends, who wanted to share her finished quilt with us, and the story of the little girl who owns it. As you can see, the quilt looks great, and little Celeste looks healthy, but the reality is that she has Cystic Fibrosis. We hope that she continues to grow strong and healthy, and she is very lucky to have a special friend like Jackie to encourage her, and to make her special quilts.

When I read Celeste's story, and saw the quilt, it reminded me of an incident I had with my daughter a few years ago. Late one night, when my daughter was 3 1/2 years old, she was playing on my bed, and fell off the edge...backwards. It was a simple fall, but I instantly knew something was wrong when she only reached up to me with her one arm. I knew her other arm was broken, and I had to take her to the hospital. In an effort to comfort her, and make her feel safe, I grabbed her quilt off her bed, and wrapped her in it. Robyn was carried in her quilt from the emergency room, to the X-ray room , and into the casting room. When we were all finished (at midnight) and her arm was set, she once again fell asleep wrapped in her quilt. And then a nurse made a comment that I have never forgotten. She said "When you see a child wrapped in a handmade quilt, you know that the child is very loved." After the stress of that night, those words almost made me cry.
So I wanted to pass those words along to Jackie. When I saw Celeste laying on a handmade quilt, I knew she is very loved.
See you soon.


Jackie said...

Thanks so much for those kind words made ME cry!! Good tears!! What a great story about your little girl and her quilt, too!

Jean said...

Your so right! There is nothing like wrapping the people you love in your love! And that's not just babies either! One of my SIL's had cancer at 26 and although his mom makes beautiful quilts he needed something much warmer than a regular quilt. She bought him one of those thick blankets... the warm fuzzy ones you see people selling off the side of the road... (well at least places here in the states) and he knew it was from his mom and it was what he needed. He is doing wonderful now... and is now 33!

Agnes said...

The love a quilt exudes has tremendous powers. Just recently I was asked whether I sold in the craft fairs. There are several large ones near us. There wasn't a dry eye in the group when I responded that I would much rather give my works to special friends. They all have been recipients of my work.

Jackie said...

I very much hope that THIS quilt has those tremendous powers! I totally understand both Agnes and Jean in the above comments!