Tuesday, May 05, 2009


the newest addition to the Derksen family. I just had to share this photo of our newest "baby", MAX. He is a 3 month old German Shepherd puppy. He is a very affectionate puppy. When we are all playing with him outside he always picks our son over the rest of us....?? BUT when they aren't around, he likes to cuddle with me! I'll take that.

And the day we brought MAX home we found out that our cat had a small litter of kittens. Lot's of excitement on the yard. Spring is in the air.


p.s stay tuned for an exciting announcement (quilting related that is).
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Jean said...

Max is a handsome young man! Hopefully he will get to know the kitty's and "love" them too. His eyes just say... what's not to love! Too Cute!
Good luck with the teething... hope you have lots of rawhide chews!

Ethne said...

Oh he's lovely - my boy (a GSD) - Shadow (kennel name Namwal Beebop)and has just celebrated his 12th birthday and he loves coming into work with me each day and though we are in work early today, he's half asleep at my feet already - quite happy - we didn't have the 'puppy' stage as we got him when he was 11 months old - but sometime, God willing, we'll have a puppy