Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Right back at ya!

Do you EQ? We do. Just about everyday! If you are unsure what I am taking about, it is our EQ quilting program. I have been using the EQ (Electric Quilt) program since version 4, way back in the 90's. It literally transformed the way that Cori and I designed quilts. Now we can very quickly change the size of blocks, re-arrange color placement, or draw our own unique quilts, in a matter of minutes.

Well, just a short time ago, EQ mentioned our Plan B contest on their blog...and so we are returning the favor. If you want to see some amazing things that quilters are creating on their computers, check out their site.

EQ has a lot of really great products, and we were fortunate to design a program for them a few years ago. I mistakenly keep calling it the 'Down in the Valley' CD, which is a huge error, because that was the name of the book! Our EQ CD, which features many similar houses, is actually called "Town & Country". So, please forgive me for continually mis-quoting the name. And thanks Sarah, for pointing that out to me.

There is much more to share, so I will see you soon!

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