Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finding my way to grandma's house

What have Cori and I been up to since the retreat? Not a whole lot - and for us, that's shocking! We had decided that for the first time in 10 years of working together, we were going to take a few weeks off. This is just a little of our own time, to rest, and play, and hang out with all of the really great neighbours who I don't have time to talk too. But don't worry, you will be seeing A LOT of projects and half finished projects in the next little while. I have a huge mound of unfinished projects that I am just waiting to dig into. These are the one's that I really love, but were pushed aside for work deadlines, and other commitments. Well, it's time I dusted them off. So keep watching....

One thing that I had at the top of my list, was to make new Christmas stockings for my children. Why haven't I started this yet? Because the weather out here is phenominal! It is the end of October, and southern Manitoba is starting to have spring all over again. Our grass is green, the neighbours flowers are bright and yellow, and we are wearing T-shirts. The rumor is that the snow is just around the corner, but I'm not going to believe that one.

So instead of making stockings (it will take snow to put me in the right frame of mind to start that project) I grabbed my camera, and started on another item on my list. My goal is to photograph, and document the quilts in our collection. We have over 100 that we need to formally organize. I have started on a lot of the bording data, but today, I wanted to try getting some good pictures. The following picture is NOT one of the good shots, but I chose it for a reason.

I took a handful of quilts, and headed down to our little Thresherman's Museum. I spent the afternoon throwing quilts over different buildings and fences, and when I was there, I suddenly remembered that I have some connection to one of the buildings. When I got home, I called my mom, and sure enough, this house is the one where my Grandma Jessie was born, and lived. There was a total of 16 children born into her family. Can you imagine! Not all of them survived, but it still must have been cramped in their little home.

My Grandma Jessie is a really cool grandma. I hope to get down to her place in the next week to spend an afternoon embroidering with her. She has the most beautiful embroidery stitches. I have very long fingers, and I think I inherited them from her, but I can't stitch as well as she can. Maybe with a lot more practice.

So this humble building was the home to a very sweet little girl, who grew up to be a very kind grandma. And you will be hearing more about my Grandma Jessie soon. Last year someone in the extended family gave her a shoebox of old drawings...and to some of us, it is the family treasure chest. I will see if I can sneak the box away from my mother, and show you what is inside.

So I will talk to you again soon....

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