Friday, October 05, 2007

The countdown....

Cori and I are waiting for next weekends retreat...just like little kids at Christmas. I have not counted the days, until now. We have one week left. One week to prep, pack, and double check everything that we have packed.

For those of you not in the loop, you will not have known that in the past three weeks we have been on a wild ride getting ready for this upcoming weekend. We usually start planning our retreat in January, and follow through with details until the event in October. This year we were definatly ahead of the game, and everything was done at the beginning of September. We sighed out a deep breath, and said 'great, now we can relax.' That was until three weeks ago when we got the news that the hotel we had booked was closing. So, we started again, and headed off to Winnipeg, and re-planned the retreat. But, since this fun weekend is no longer in our hometown, it will mean doing a little more packing. But the good news is that our new location is right next to a shopping mall. And so for all the things we forget (I always forget my dental floss!!) their is always VISA.

And my favorite part of this past week was cutting all of the kits for our friends. There is just somthing about cutting new fabric, and smoothly folding them into neat little piles that I love. Right now all of the kits are spread out over my studio floor, but in a few minutes, I will take one last look at them, and pack them in a box.

I can hardly wait to see all of you!! And it will only be 7 more days.

till then...
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