Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just take your favorite fabric collection and spread it out on a table. Move it around a little and just see what you could do. That's what we do and we have this little problem call TOO many possibilities! Well maybe I shouldn't say TOO many, but TOO many ideas too little time!! This is our new collection, our first taste of it on cloth and the ideas are just so many. We have designed six quilts that will be published and the possibilities....oh the possibilities. With in this one collection there are so many different feelings. Do you get those different feelings too? There is the burgundy, green & taupe combination, kinda "Christmasy" with out being Christmas prints.

Then there is the softer, yellow, lavender....pretty, really pretty. It has this cottage feeling. This color combo would also be great for a more sophisticated baby or little girls room.
But I must say I am impartial to the mossy green, blue and brown combination. Very contemporary. The colors give you that beachy, seaside flavor. But then again I am a earth tone kind of girl, not usually into blue's but the blue, brown combo is a new favorite.

So now I have said my piece, we would love to hear which one is your favorite. What colors are you usually drawn to? I have really enjoyed more modern quilt design (as you will see in future projects) When I say modern I don't mean crazy stuff, but more simple and clean design. I can hardly wait to show you some projects with Cape Cod fabric!


atet said...

I have to say I'm with you on being drawn to the blue/brown combos. It looks great with the clean modern designs that I'm being drawn to lately. Though, have to say, there isn't a bad set of combos here!

Cori Derksen & Myra Harder said...

Oh you are sweet! I agree and I am glad that you like the clean modern designs too.