Friday, June 15, 2007

Something Special

We have worked for RJR for a few years now, but rarely get the opportunity to meet the other designers. We did have the privilege to meet Debbie Beavis at our very first quilt market, but had not seen her since! What a sweet lady, treated us like one of the gang, great advise and made a special effort to help us with our power point! Loved the talks about the quilting industry.

This trip was especially special because we finally had the opportunity to meet one of the largest fabric & pattern designers in the whole quilting world...Lynette Jensen!! She was gracious and interested in what we were doing. She was so approachable and fun too! We had a great supper with these ladies and the rest of the RJR staff; Demetria, Mario, Rick & John.

Then there was this young lady...Shannon Mullen. She is the force behind the Make it You campaign. Young full of life and great fun. We had many conversations about how to get younger women into this great quilting industry. It was so fun just getting to know her on a personal level. We connected so well that we are going to be collaborating with her on her next book! So excited about this.

As you can see our time in Vancouver was so much more than just a trade show. We made great connections and had a ton of fun with this great group of quilters! In a future post I will get links to these ladies websites.

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DAdams said...

Hi girls. It is so nice to see that you are still celebrating your success and meeting fantastic people in your field. I often think of the fun we have had together and know that you are an inspiration to other young quilters.... such as myself (over 40 is not over the hill right?)
Take care. Miss ya!