Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our inspiration

Our kids have always been apart of our business. When we were writing our first book for Martingale, my daughter Kierra was only 3 months old, she's turning 8 this month!! And now we have a combined total of four kids. Our kids have been at our feet ever since! There was this one time, Myra was at the grocery store news stand and there happen to be a magazine that we had a quilt in. She showed her son. Our kids are often unimpressed by what we do, the travel the Myra tried to explain to her son that this was a kind of special. So she asked if he knew of any other mom's who did this. Well of course he did..."Kierra's mom"!! Okay so he was right but that wasn't what Myra was going for. Kierra has come around and she is interested in "designing" her own quilts, she wants to learn more. We hope someday that they will appreciate the collection of quilts they will inherit!! We took this picuture at my house the other day and just thought we would share.
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cot10girl said...

That's a fantastic shot! They sure have grown! Keep enjoying them and capturing those 'Kodak moments'

atet said...

What a great photo! Isn't it funny how family members see things they are around everyday as "normal" when by most other people's definitions it is extraordinary!