Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where our quilt designs land up?

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This was a wonderful email that we received this week. (I asked for permission to post these pictures and share her story)

"I would like to say thank you for the beautiful quilt donation that my daughter Kayley received during her four day stay at the Children's Hospital on the May long weekend. After being diagnosed with a very sudden case of pneumonia, Kayley was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital for 4 days in order to receive IV antibiotics. Having a special blanket (in her favorite green color) was very comforting for her. The picture of her with the quilt was taken on her third day. To this day she still enjoys sleeping and playing with the quilt. " grandma Leona.

So I had to email her back, and she went on to tell me that another special friend of ours Barb Hayward had made this quilt for the hospital to donate. What a small world and THANKS Barb for being SO generous!! (this is the turtle twirl pattern and it looks like she enlarged the pattern to be twin size) And the other good news is that Kayley recovered and is doing GREAT!

It is so fabulous when we hear that our designs have touched someone else.


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Mary Grace McNamara said...

Great story! Love the quilt and the little girl just couldn't be any cuter. Glad to hear she is all better.

I am still pondering the design to use for the charity quilt I will make with the fabric you sent me. I have put the word out in our community that I am looking for a donation of longarm quilting services for this quilt, and it looks like I'll have someone lined up soon. People are so generous and kind.

Have a great week!