Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New year...new projects
It's only Jan. 2nd right? Otherwise I would be late in posting...and that never happens! Today Cori and I spent a FULL day being computer geeks, and getting all of our programs and files transferred, and compatible with our new computers. At one point, when we were almost over our heads with technology and electronic components, I looked at Cori and thought "Arn't we designers? Don't we use pencil and paper, and draw things?? So where did all of this come from?" But isn't it surprising how much electronic do-hicky's are now a part of our everyday life.
But back to the picture. For Christmas, I decided to make several gifts for my kids. The thought came to me this summer, when Cori and I each made up a giant PEACE body pillow. When it was done, I thought it would look really good in my son's room, so I decided it would be a gift for him. Well, then I then I needed to make one for my daughter. Cori and I came up with an equally cute and cool pillow for Robyn. My kids loved these gifts, and have been dragging their pillows everywhere in the house.
And of course, while we were designing this pair of pillows, we accidentally designed a few dozen more...and you will be seeing them pop up on our site really soon.
see you later,
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