Thursday, November 12, 2009

Field Trip close to home.

Do you ever visit museums in your area? Isn't is surprising that we will travel long distances to visit other interesting places, but we rarely look around at what is in our own backyard.

This summer, my son kept begging me to make the 7 mile drive, to take him to visit the dinosaur museum in Morden. For all of you who visit our great quilt show every spring, do you realize that you are standing on top of a basement full of dinosaur skeletons? This is actually the largest dino display east of Alberta, and all of the fossils are found in our area. In Alberta, all of their fossils are of land dinosaurs. In our area, all of the one's that are found are from water dinosaurs. Right now the display is housed in the basement of the Morden Rec. Center, but they do hope in the future that they will be able to build a new museum, so the dino's will be able to be brought above ground.

So I used the picture from our field trip, to introduce you to our latest project, that is on newsstands now. In the Winter 2009 issue of Quilts and More, you will find this simple and sweet project. The staff at the magazine affectionately gave it the name 'Dino might' and I can't say that name without thinking of an old TV character named Jimmy Walker. Wasn't that his favorite expression? And does anyone remember what show he was on?

Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy this latest project, and take time to discover what is in your neighbourhood.

See you soon.
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Mary Grace McNamara said...

Good Times was the show! I remember it!

Your dino quilt is just darling! Love the colors.


What Comes Next? said...

the theme music/lyrics are running through my head now - "moving on up, to the eastside, to a .... apartment in the sky... finally got a piece of the pie" Your Dino Might is mighty fine! Its a mazing what you can find when you're a tourist in your own backyard!

Peg said...

Dynomite Dino Might - yes, it was Jimmy Walker in a sit-com with Esther Rolle as his mother, but I can't remember the title. I think the show mentioned in the last comment ('...finally got a piece of the pie') was the spinoff from All in the Family with Sherman Hemsley. Man does this bring back memories!!

Vals Quilting said...

that is such a super cute dino quilt for the wall..what a great idea.

Peggy said...

Was the name of the show "Good Times"?