Thursday, October 01, 2009


THANKS EVERYONE!!!! I am sitting here in my hospitable bed reading your encouraging words. My husband - who I LOVE brought me my laptop, and my ipod. And Cori - who I like very much, brought me a stack of paper, pencils and magazines to read. And we had our first blue meadow meeting in a hospital room. Ironically, it is closer for Cori to visit me here, then when I am at home. So why is everyone bringing me stuff? Because I will be here for a little while, so I might as well get comfortable.

So what brought me to the great place? My appendix ruptured very suddenly yesterday. The doctors tell me that I was an exceptional case. Of course, why would I be typical? From the start of the pain, to the operating room was a very short time frame, but by the time they got me in, the rupture had happened, and the damage was extensive.

So I now have a very close relationship with an IV pole, which will be my close friend for the next 5 days.

And now it is time for a nap. But I will blog again soon...I've got time.

see you soon.


Jean said...

Well don't over do! You sure don't need that stuff causing all sorts of infections!
That's a heck of a way to get some attention... guess the family just isn't paying you enough! LoL... take care... I'm sure that your family, friends and dr. are making sure you get all the attention you need now! Feel better! Just think of this as a Resort Spa! LoL... with people waiting on you hand, foot and well everything!
They say laughter is the next to best medicine... I say next to cause we all know that Love is the very "BEST MEDICINE".
Take care.

What Comes Next? said...

You need to rest and recover - not too many meetings - you hear that Cori??!! Although you don't want to go stir crazy either, so keeping busy is good! Enjoy your time at the "spa" as Jean indicates, and take care of yourself!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh my, you poor thing! You were lucky to have gotten into surgery as quickly as you did. I just hope your days in the hospital don't result in lots of quilt designs that look like ceiling tiles! Take care and get well soon.


Ethne said...

Take it easy and don't push yourself - you are one very lucky woman to have been 'caught' in time and operated on so quickly before further complications arose. Your DH has given you an element of freedom you no doubt will enjoy exploring at your leisure and we all look forward to you being back into the swing of things in due time, but remember don't rush as it may just set you back again.

Deanna said...

hope you are much better very soon!

Marcy said...

Myra, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Coffee and baileys would certainly help a girlfriend out as well....
Take care.

sara groves said...

wishing you a healthy speedy recovery, because we want to see you at the retreat!! (and cause we want you to get better)
i'm sending this on behalf of my parents as well, as mom has no access to this at the moment. (read: forgot her sign on!)

ka said...

Oooh... And I thought I had one of the best appendix stories ever. Remind me to tel it to you when you're all healed up and better. :)

Take care. If we head south in the next couple of days we'll swing by for a visit.

Ione W said...

Your American friends send get well wishes. Ione and Karen

Peggy said...

Hi, Myra

I hope that your recovery is going well. We are all looking forward to seeing you at the retreat, even if you have to just sit with your feet up.