Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A BIG update

We had a great weekend...our 7th annual retreat!! Here is our group photo. We started the weekend with fashion Friday. Everyone was invited to wear there most fabulous shoes and handbag and this picture is the proof that we had a very fashionable group. We had lots of laughs on Friday that's for sure. We also had show and tell, what a creative group of quilters. I will have to share those photo's another time. They spent all day & evening Saturday as well as Sunday sewing up a storm. The food, friends and fellowship was absolutely wonderful. Thanks ladies for a GREAT weekend. (but I am still recovering from sleep deprivation :)

The next 2 photo's are some pictures from our recent photo shoots. Ric Rac and Central park. These are the patterns that RJR will be kitting using their stripes and dots collection. The patterns will be up in the shop shortly. My cousin was willing to borrow her bug for the photo shoot. Oh, that brings me to another point - OUR new home page on our web site! Have you seen it yet?

A few days ago I mentioned a new give a way coming soon. Well today's the day, I know so many of our customers make quilts for donation to many good organization/charities. that is why Myra and I have decided to give a way some fabric for you to make donation quilts. This is what you have to do.

- enter your name by leaving a comment on the blog
- tell us about your charity of choice
- if your charity has a web site please share that with us too.
- tell us why you would like to donate a quilt and why we should send you the free fabric.

I won't tell you how much fabric we are prepared to give a way or how many people will receive donation fabric. So get to it, leave a comment and just wait and see what happens.


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Mary Grace McNamara said...

How very generous of you to do this giveaway! The charity I would love to make a quilt for is the Montachusett Interfaith Hospitality Network - http://www.mihnetwork.com/ - which helps families who have been displaced because of injury, illness or job loss. Any one of us could be in that position so easily these days, and I would like to think that someone else would care enough to share a little homemade warmth and love with my little ones if we were in that position.

BTW, I love your new home page ... very classy! And your weekend retreat sounds like so much fun! Someday!


mrspesti said...

WOWZA! Love the new site, totally chic!!!!
I agree how generous of you to have this giveaway...
The charity i would love to support by making a quilt would hands down be Ronald Mcdonald house charities.
My family has directly been affected by a child in critical need and due to the Ronald Mcdonald house they made the whole situation more manageable for my family. They are a non-profit organization that focuses on the critical needs of children.

Love you both hope all is well!!!


Terry said...

I've only made one quilt to donate but I plan to make more. Mine went to Project Linus to go to a child in crisis. You can find their site here...http://www.projectlinus.org/
Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

diane said...

What a wonderful idea - and beautiful new front page. I just completed a quilt for www.quiltsforkids.org - an organization that gives quilts to kids that are fighting cancer as well as other serious illnesses. I have just lost 2 dear friends to cancer this month and it breaks my heart to know there are children out there fighting for their lives. I would love to do a few more in memory of my friends. Thanks for this opportunity. Diane

Mary Lou said...

I make quilts for the Peach Cobbler Mennonite Relief Sale in Georgia. I grew up on the MCC campus in Akron where my dad was Treasurer of MCC for many years. Even though I am currently involved in the Episcopal church my Mennonite roots run strong and I love making quilts for world relief. I am still trying to decide what to do for the next sale - maybe your fabric would inspire me! I still quilt by hand so I probably need to get started!

rose wiebe haury said...

Myra, thanks so much for the many quilts you have sent to the PA relief sale. We are always anxious to see what you have designed and sewed up for us. For the past 4 years I have been on the PA relief sale quilt committee. Before that I was on the Kansas relief sale quilt committee and worked with 'quilter's corner' where we 'recycle' quilt stuff folks are ready to part with and sell it to other people (quilters). We have so much fun! I have been making quilts for Mennonite Central Committee relief sales for many years and really enjoy it. Making more quilts for relief sales from some of your fabric would be awesome!

What Comes Next? said...

You are very generous! I would make and donate a quilt to "The Quilt" (http://www.thequilt.com/)which helps support people living with cancer. Like many, my family has been impacted by cancer, and anything I can do to help, I will.
As I am currently not working, the free fabric would mean I could proceed sooner with this project, and be able to make the November deadline for submission for 2010.

mrspesti said...

Ok, so at guild they were talking about a charity that is unfortunately in need of quilts.

The charity is called "angel hugs" our guild makes little quilts 24"x24" that are then donated to our local childrens hospital for children that have past away in childbirth or shortly after. the parents have the choice to bury their child in the quilt or keep it as a remembrance. I would love to help in any way and would like to make several mini quilts to donate.


Love Joy Piece said...

Several individuals from various Relief Sales from around North America have shared their stories on your blog. Another way to raise funds among the 40+ Relief Sales is a Traveling Quilt with a theme has generated funds by just having the quilt hang at an event and tell the story of the need for global love, hunger issues or housing issues and people donate funds. Individual blocks are sent to Bev in Canada and me in the United States and we have facilitated various types of quilts including the Traveling Quilt for Canada and one for the United States. The annual funds raised have averaged around $100K a year. For more info see: www.lovejoypiece.blogspot.com and www.mcc.org/reliefsales.

Thank you Myra and Cori for all you do to share the love and art of quilting!


Vals Quilting said...

What super cute quilt and how you are staging your photos - nice ideas ladies, hats off to you well done!! I'm going to start following your blog - love it so far

Sandy said...

Just found your site and I hope I am not too late for the give away.
I would love to use your fabric for a donation quilt.
Since I am a three, yes, three time surviour of the Big "C" my charity quilts support Cancer fighters. I also belong to a quilting quild and we make quilts for children in need.
I just found the site Quilt for Kids, which is a United Way program and I will doing a couple of quilts for them as well.
I hope I get a surprise in the mail soon and I look forward to posting the results on your site.
sandy's sew clever