Monday, September 21, 2009

Surprises are the best!
I wanted to blog so badly this weekend but we were working from a secret location from Friday - Sunday! You know her as our guest blogger, she is an "employee", our friend Karen. This trip was a spur of the moment type trip but we just couldn't resist going to Ignace ON. We had a lovely 6hour drive, with visits to three fabric shops; Oma's in Grunthal, Cottage Country in Keewatin and AJ's is Dryden. Oh what fun! You really must take a trip to all those stores, they had great stuff.

So the best part of this trip was the surprise. Karen told no one that we were coming! There is a large group of ladies in Ignace that have supported us from our very first teaching trip. The plan was to work like crazy all day and evening on Saturday. Then on Sunday this group would be meeting to have a sewing day, that is were the biggest surprise came to be. We casually walked into the room "asking for directions" you should have seen the stunned look on their faces. "What are you doing here?", we stayed to chat and catch up and then we hopped back into the car and headed home.

The second and third pictures are photos from Karen's screen porch...not a bad place to work hey? What a view!! We did so much and were SO inspired I don't even know what to tell you. The things we learned and accomplished in one day was overwhelming. The last picture is of another special "surprisee". Karen's friend (and ours too) from Stonewall MB (yes she only lives 2 hours from us and we drove 6 to surprise her!) was at Karen's for the weekend. She didn't know we were coming either! We had a fabulous time of creativity, inspirations & friendship. Thanks Karen, Judy & the "Ignace sewing group" for allowing us to crash your party!!

p.s we worked on the website, so with any luck that new home page should be up and running shortly ;)

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Alberta said...

Oh...Ignace...that brought back memories...I grew up in northern Ontario...beautiful part of Canada. So glad you made the trip.Sounds like a fun time all around.