Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School you hear that....exactly, it's quiet here today. Our kids started school yesterday, grade 2 & 5. This is a snipet of our annual back to school photo. The kids were happy to go back, my daughter more so than my son, but they booth had GREAT 1st day back. So what did I do yesterday? Myra and I spent the day working. It had been a really long time since we had a day to do some errands, meetings, a photo shoot a yummy lunch and lots of talk.

We have this beautiful walk way in Winkler along 15th street. We took many photo's along the garden path. Across the street is our local park and all of a sudden a looked over at the park and there was a group of mom's watching us. I told Myra "they probably think we are crazy! "Well not two minutes later a mom walked just happened to be Myra's cousin! She said she thought that had to be Myra...who else would be taking pictures of quilts? So we walked over to the park to continue our photo shoot. Next we took a photo of our pattern Crayon Box and right on cue this sweet little girl runs into the photo unknowingly of course, just playing! So we landed up chatting with some of the mom's in the group, they were very interested in our quilts, especially the baby quilts. Yes, that's right, I am not showing you ALL the pictures we took yesterday, you will have to wait on those.

In that mom's group was another young lady, whom Myra and I got re-acquainted with. Yes, she's younger than us but I knew her from our Church, so we played a short version of the Mennonite game and off we were, many connections. Then we found out what she is up to, and architect and photographer. She gave us some great photo tips and then asked to use our camera...SURE!!! The last picture is one that Tracy took. Let's just say it's a sneak peak of a new and upcoming pattern :)

Well that was our day...I hope if you have children that have gone back to school, that you too have a nice quiet day.


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diane said...

The last one almost looks like it says "PEACE"; but since the colors are red, lt. blue and white, it kind of has a nautical look to it, also. That's my guess....I can't wait to see the whole quilt!!

By the way, I did get my copy of Quick Quilts and am in the process of working on my version of Dominoes. This is my first attempt at applique. The circles aren't great; but at least they're not square!

Great pictures!