Thursday, August 13, 2009

The waiting is over!

What does this fabric and the Domino have in common? If you go back a few posts we played a little game, what in the picture inspired our upcoming quilt in McCall's. Well it was the pictures behind the table with the 2 dots - like a domino! We always say inspiration comes in mysterious ways.

The bright colors and big prints partnered with Black and white make a graphic statement. This is a picture how the lap quilt appears in the magazine. Kit's will be on sale in our shop shortly.

Does anyone have a copy of this magazine yet?


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John C said...

I have the October McCall's Quilting but don't see it. Is this the magazine you're in?

annette said...

O MY - that has got to be my new favourite quilt. Definitely have to go find the magazine!!! Ladies - once again you rock.

susan said...

McCalls quick quilts-I was told. October issue-can't get my hands on it though......sigh