Sunday, August 31, 2008

Plan b submissions - closed

Well, it is officially 12:17 am on Sept. 1st, and I have checked my e-mails for any last minute entries into our Plan b contest....and there were a few. Cori and I had our late night chat, and we have decided on one project. And trust me when I say, that it has been a painful process. It was fun and exciting to see so many projects, and we can honestly say that we wish we could do them all. (We have already started talking about our next Plan B you never know...)

And the stories! Wow, I wish I could tell all of you about them! One thing that became clear to me as I read through all of the entries, was how much quilters lovingly create and share their gifts with others. Quilters take a part of themselves, and stitch it into a quilt, and then give that gift to someone who is grieving, or celebrating a milestone, or starting a new life. These stories truly reflect what it is to be a quilter. And I feel sorry for those people who think we 'just make blankets'.

But THANK YOU to everyone who shared a piece of their (broken) dream with us. We hope that you won't put your UFO back into the closet, but look at it again in a new light, and try a new direction.

And who did win? Well, I will wait a few more hours (at least until dawn) and then make a phone call. You will find out who the lucky winner is very soon, and we will post all of her information on our other site - Plan b. You can get there by clicking onto that logo thingy on the right hand side of this blog.

See you soon.

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