Monday, August 18, 2008

On our way

It is 6:37 am and we are waiting for our flight! What a weekend...we had SUCH a great time in Bluffton. The class went great. Everyone was very receptive to what we had to teach, I think we may have converted a few "appliquers" and took out a few myths about paper piecing too! We had a wonderful luncheon and a great time of sharing our story. One of my favorite parts was meeting the "Cori & Myra's" in the group (and you know who you are :)) Everywhere we go, we always notice that there is a Cori & a Myra in the group. When I say a Cori & Myra, I mean people who have a few of the same quirks and habits as we do. We played a game are you a Cori or a Myra and there were at least 2 of each of us! So many lovely people, such great hospitality and Bluffton was a beautiful place. Thanks for everything Mary, Deb & Linda and ALL who attended. Bye, Bye


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Shirley said...

Cori and Myra, we really enjoyed the weekend with you. So glad you could come and be with us. It was great.

Jess and Shirley Reeves