Monday, March 30, 2009

Catching up!

Oh my! There is so much to talk about, that it is hard to know where to start! The past week or two have flown by, and now I have to try to remember everything that has happened. But now that I am older, I may tend to forget a thing or picking a winner in my birthday draw. I picked #10, Terry, so if you drop me your mailing address ( I will send you some of my favorite fabrics.

We are into spring break, and so the kids are home, for a much deserved rest. My youngest has decided to get sick one more time this year, so she will stay tucked in under her quilts, while my son will explore every mud puddle in Southern Manitoba. For those of you who live around here, I think I should let you know that it is actually Cori's fault that we got this last dump of snow. We have a beautiful winter quilt coming back from the quilters today, and Cori said "I wish we had some snow to photograph this quilt on" and sure enough, a blizzard blew into town. So we are going to quickly photograph the cover, and then all the snow can melt away.

And for those of you who live in the States, and may not know where we live, just watch CNN. My husband bugs me that I am a CNN junkie, and it is true. All this week they have been talking about the flooding in Fargo, North Dakota. Well, when all of that water heads north along the Red River, it will enter into Canada, just 45 minutes east of where we live. So now you have a general idea of where to find us on a map. Cori said that the Dead Horse Creek that runs behind their house has already crested, so she should be fine and dry.

Well, there is much more to say, so I will be back soon, but first I need to track down some pictures. A blog without pictures just isn't right.

See you soon.

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Terry said...

I won! I'm so excited! Thank you so much! :0)