Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well it was back at it! So much to do so little time... it feels. So here I sit 9:00pm kids are in bed and I reflect on what was accomplished today and what's on tomorrows agenda. Today was mostly about the new patterns, emailed copy to the printer. Then Myra and I discussed our upcoming trip to Vancouver BC. We are doing two schoolhouse presentations on our new fabric collection and patterns. Then there is a new program we are developing for spring 2008 and RJR has asked us to design a few more quilts for them! Sometimes it's hard to keep up the excittment and the pace, but it has been really excitting re-focusing this past week and remembering why I love this... creating & designing, marketing and planning ahead.

p.s just a few more days until that draw!! Thanks to the ladies who have made their comments and entered the draw.

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